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Git for Everybody is a tutorial-style website for learning Git and GitHub. Git is the secret tool that every developer in a team is using, but almost nobody seems to mention it in the job requirements.

Git is a version control system for managing your code, and allows you to save snapshots of your code and compare them to other peoples code — and then you can mix your code with other peoples code. It's a truly powerful tool, and 99% of all teams that build apps, websites and desktop programs are using Git.

It's 100% required these days

When you're looking for a job as a programmer or developer, you'll likely be working with other people. Git allows you to work on your codebase without affecting your team directly (until the appropriate time). Without Git, you're looking at a very painful process of yelling across a room, "Hey, is anyone working on this file?! I need it now, don't edit it!". With Git, you can make any changes you want, compare them, get feedback, review your peers work, work on open source projects, and build your coders portfolio.

What is Git Essentials?

Git Essentials is the course I've created based on my daily work flow. I've worked in numerous teams across several companies, and the things you'll learn in this course are all the things I wish I knew right from the very start. 90% of what you'll learn I use on a daily basis, and the other 10% I tend to use every week.

Git Essentials is designed to teach you how to use Git in a modern workflow. Check out the course now.

Who am I?

I'm Kalob Taulien (@KalobTaulien), I'm a web developer and teacher and as of today I've taught more than 250,000 people how to code. I teach over 185,000 students on Udemy, tens of thousands of students on Skillshare, and tens of thousands of students across numerous other learning platforms.

I've worked in two large web development agencies, worked for startups, created and operated my own startups, and have been coding since 1999. I'm also part of the Wagtail Core Development team (it's Python's #1 most popular content management system; like WordPress, but modern and written in Python).

If you have any questions about the Git Essentials course, please reach out to me from the contact page.

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